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Recording Studio

Full Stack Production  |  Mixing  |  Mastering  |  Live Band Tracking  |  Drum Tracking

Vocal Tracking  |  Overdubs  |  Songwriting  |  Strings and Percussion Recording

Podcasting  |  Music Video |  Photo Shoots  |  Listening Parties  |  Industry Mixers


Well suited for band recording, drum kit and ensemble recording as well as full productions.

Studio Rate:


$750.00 per 8-hr day [Indie & multi day rates available]

*Engineer included


Well suited for a laptop producer, songwriter, or a composer suite.

Studio Rate:

$350.00 per 8-hr day [Indie & multi day rates available]

MICRO VENUE - Live In-Studio Performance [Includes sound system, engineer, and house lights.  [*Multi Camera Video / Multi Track Audio Recording / Mixing / Mastering Available For An Additional Fee]

Venue Rate:

$149.00 per hour [4 Hour minimum]




- API 3124V [8 Channels]

- UA 2-610 Retro Tube Pre/EQ [2 Channels]

- BAE [Neve] 1073 Pre Only [8 channels]


- API 5500 Stereo Mastering EQ


- API 2500 + Stereo Mastering Compressor

Interface / Convertors:

- UA Apollo X16


- AKG D112 [1]

- Sennheiser 421 MKII [3]

- Shure Beta52 [1]

- Shure KSM32 [2]

- Shure KSM137 [2]

- Shure SM81 [1]

- Shure SM7B [3]

- Shure SM57 [2]

- Shure Beta98 [3]

- BeyerDynamic M201 TG [1]

- Rode NT5 [2]

- Blue Ball [1]

DI / Line Inputs / Audio Tools:

- API 3124V [8]

- UA 2-610 [2]

- Radial JDI

- Radial JDI Stereo [2]

- Radial PZ-DI

- Radial JDX48 [Amp DI]

- Radial Twin ISO [2]

- Radial MC3 Monitor Control

- Avenson Audio Small DI [FET]

Monitors [Studio A]:

- Adam Audio A77X [pair]


- BeyerDynamic DT770 Pro



Power Conditioning:

- Furman

- Monster

Drum Kits:

- Ludwig Limited Edition Mahogany Club Date - 8x12 | 14x14 | 16x16 | 14x20

- Ludwig Vintage Super Classic [4-Ply Shell] - 9x10 | 11x12 | 13x14 | 16x22

Snare Drums:

- Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Vintage [Bronze] Black Beauty

- Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Supraphonic Hammered w/Tube Lugs

- Ludwig 5 x 14 Supraphonic

- Ludwig 5 x 14 Acrolite

- Ludwig 5.75 x 13 Super Classic Custom w/Tube Lugs

- Yamaha 8 x 14 Vintage Recording Custom

- Pearl 3.5 x 14 Free Floating Carbon Fiber [1 of a kind]


- Paiste 22" Masters Dark Ride

- Paiste 20" Masters Dark Crash

- Paiste 18" Masters Dark Crash

- Paiste 16" Masters Dark Crash

- Paiste 15" Masters Dark Hats

- Paiste 20" Traditional Crash

- Paiste 20" Big Beat 2002

- Paiste 20" Giant Beat

- Paiste 14" Dark Energy Hats

- Paiste 16" Masters Dark Crash Top / Paiste Rude Thin Crash Bottom Custom Hats

- Paiste 14" Signature Series Medium Hats

- Paiste 13" Signature Series Dark Crisp Hats


- DW 6000 Flat Base Stands

- DW 9000 Heavy Duty Stands

- DW 9000 Bass Drum Pedal

- Roc-N-Soc AirRide Throne



NOTE:  Producer, Composer, or Songwriter brings personal laptop & interface and plugs into the provided studio equipment below:

- Shure SM7B

- Mogami Mic Cables

- Cloud Lifter

- Mic Stand

- BeyerDynamic D77O Pro Headphones [2] 

- Pair of monitors [speakers] / stands

- Producer Table / Chair

- Artist Chair


*NOTE:  Equipment is subject to availability. Additional gear can be rented for an additional fee.

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Chris Canyon, CA

Would 10/10 recommend this spot to anyone and everyone in the creative space. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathan and his team for over 8 years now and it has always been an amazing experience. They also recently expanded their studio space to host live events, and even podcasting.
Native South is the spot!
This is an excellent spot! I had the opportunity to see it first-hand last year during an event there and was quite impressed. It's not only a studio but a multi-functional space with a very cool vibe. There are a variety of rooms that can also accommodate live music, parties and events. A filmmaker I know rented it to film several scenes for her project. 

John Pendergast, CA

As an actor, voiceover and music artist, I could go on and on about the quality of Jonathan's work at Native South. He is hardworking, knowledgable, and will get you the sound you want. On top of that, the studio has a great atmosphere and is always clean and organized. I think the best part about this place though is Jonathan's positive attitude and passion for music.
Could not recommend Native South higher.

Yelpy, Ireland

I’m an Irish singer songwriter from Dublin, and have worked with Jonathan there at Native South Studios over last several years. He’s co-written, produced, and mixed several of my singles. I’ve also shot a music video and some content there as well. Really great recording studio.
Highly recommended.

Mark Clapper, CA

Excellent studio! Jonathan has somehow infused his Nashville Southern charm into the atmosphere there. It’s more than the audio gear and actual’s a feeling.
Highly recommended, especially if you’re coming from Malibu or the Calabasas area.

Vincent Ott, Germany

This is such a great studio; lovely people, very competent staff and an all around very positive atmosphere.
I can really recommend coming here to record, it's the best! xx
Good vibes, terrific and professional. Really enjoyed working in this studio

Zenny M, CA

Great studio! I had an an amazing experience working with this professional studio. The sound was great and the people were incredible to work with.
Jonathan, the studio owner, always attracts super sweet people and we have a good time. We live in Calabasas so it’s super close. I’d recommend anything they’re doing over there!
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