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Native South Records

Native South Records is a boutique independent label releasing new music into the world we feel passionately about, and believe you will too. The team at the label has had the opportunity to work with incredibly talented Artists, Songwriters, and Musicians from all over the world, and is helping them record and release their music. Here you’ll be able to check out the label’s latest albums and single releases. Feel free to get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

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Rachel Kove, CA

If there is a place you need to be, it's Native South Studios. Jonathan is the most incredible, inspiring, and creative producer. He supports you in actualizing any vision you have. When you walk into the studio, you are instantly met with the best customer service and atmosphere. This is a very special place, and it's definitely a wonderful spot for social gatherings, and watching live music. This place is worth it!

Dale Chung, CA

Native South Studios is no ordinary recording studio but also a multimedia space. It is super comfortable and the environment is really conducive to creativity. Jon is an amazing producer and musician.
I love it here!

Keren Bataro, CA

Love this studio and event space. They have super cool events from time to time showcasing local talent and art.
The vibe and energy are warm and inviting and the sound is too notch.
I highly recommend you check this place out!

Abbey Scott, CA

Native South Studios is such an awesome studio with such great atmosphere. Highly recommend working out of this studio whether you’re recording music or filming videos/content, this is your place!

Cathy Heeley, FL

Amazing studio and people! Super close to Malibu!

Faye Viviana, CA

We worked with Jonathan to film a day at Native South Studios for an upcoming pilot project. He was super easy to work with, so helpful, great communication and the space worked perfectly! Definitely recommend this place!
Amazing space and atmosphere in this studio. Whenever I go there I always meet great people. Feels like home and safe space for the creative freedom!

Daniel Jun, CA

Got to record live tracks here with my band Bittersweethearts. Amazing facility, great vibe, boutique/ top of the line equipment in and out of the box. Not only that but Jonathan is an amazing engineer and producer; perfect if you want your songs to transcend to the next level.
This is such a wonderful, beautiful, original, creative space. Perfect for recording, video shoots, intimate shows. Plus Jonathon is a phenomenal engineer with the highest end gear to make your recording sound truly professional.
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